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Gaels hail U16 'Invincibles'

THEY are one of the best young teams that have ever worn the Liffey Gaels jerseys.

And aside from their commendable achievements, it's their temperament and example that sets them apart.

In the years to come, the players on this team could become Irish diplomats. But for now, they are representing their club with honour.

The have just completed a treasured treble in their U16 grade, winning the Football League, the Hurling League and the Hurling Championship.

And adding to their CV is the fact that they also collected the U15 Hurling Championship last term.

"They have not been beaten in the Hurling Championship in over two and a half years, and everybody at the club are so proud of them," notes Liffey Gaels PRO, Frances Brogan.

"The squad has been building up nicely over the last few years, and the lads have certainly been working hard.

"They have a great crew of mentors guiding them. Declan Gregg and Brian Foy are the lead mentors. They have kept them together over the years. And there's also Brian Gregg and Niall Swayne.

"But the back-up doesn't end there. The parents, and indeed others, have been brilliant. They give the team so much encouragement on match-day and they are always there to provide lifts and anything else that needs to be done."

Within the club, the Super Sixteens have built up a bit of a cult following, and they are sure to go on and add to the trophy cabinet on the Sarsfield Road.


There's every chance many of the lads could follow the pathway of one of the club's most gifted players, Conor Connolly.

Club chairman, Wayne Cleary, and his diligent crew are making sure that every detail is looked after to allow the young players to flourish.

It's a busy place these days. The juvenile section is rocking.

Sar Foley heads up that department, and Dave Farrelly is doing trojan work in the schools.

One of the best things the Gaels have done is to install a hurling wall. It's a bigger hit than the X Factor.

"The club is really growing," adds Frances. "There's such a lovely family atmosphere here.

"A few years ago we only had two or three juvenile teams. The transformation has been remarkable."

The Gaels field sides at Under-8s, U9s, U10s, U11s, U12s, U13s, U16s and at minor level.

And then there's the camogie and the girls football, which is also thriving.

"We entered our first under-13 camogie team this year and we are getting the under-nines ready for the new season," announces Frances.

"Then there's our under-13 girls footballers. They have only been two years together, yet this season they reached the Championship final."

There's a vibrant spirit in the place. The enthusiasm of youth, and the wisdom of experience, is everywhere.

It's leading Liffey Gaels to places they have never been to before. And the heroic adventures of the Super Sixteens are set to continue for the years to come.