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Gaelic: We'll snuff out Dubs

DUBLIN’S high-flying attack faces its most stringent examination of the year this Sunday.

Jim McGuinness’ Donegal bring their much-maligned ‘blanket’ to Croke Park in an attempt to extinguish the Blues’ scoring threat and stop Pat Gilroy’s men reaching a dream final date with Kerry. Veteran wing-back Kevin Cassidy (left) has admitted: “You give the Brogans or you give Diarmuid Connolly space and they will rip you apart.”

And having watched Dublin’s attacking trio do exactly that to a meek Tyrone rearguard resistance in the quarter-final, Cassidy has pledged he and his defensive colleagues will do everything they can to “snuff them out.” “They have probably one of the best forward lines over recent years,” Cassidy told the Herald. “We will have to snuff them out. It’s going to be tough. “But Croke Park is a big space and it’s hard to cover every blade of grass and every angle. They’ve looked awesome and they look like a team on a mission.”

The Donegal defence has conceded an average of less than ten points per game in their five championship matches to date, while Cavan’s Michael Brennan remains the only player to have scored a championship goal against them under McGuinness’ watch.

“We’ll be coming up against the best attack we’ve faced all year,” Cassidy warned. “It’s going to be some challenge.”