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GAA gets tough on closed-season ban and 'dummy' squads


THE GAA is proposing a crackdown on managers who break the closed-season training ban - and those who name 'dummy' squads.

Central Council has tabled a motion for Congress, later this month, that offers a meaningful deterrent against breaches of the collective training ban, with teams that resume ahead of schedule liable to forfeit home venue for their next game in the Allianz League.

New provisions for the release of inter-county teams are included in another Central Council motion. A panel of 26 must be registered with the organising committee by 9am on the Thursday before a weekend game; a manager faces a one-match sideline ban for failing to do so.

No names can be added to the registered panel - with the exception of a goalkeeper - and the penalty for playing such a player would be match forfeiture.

Dutch club Maastricht has proposed extending the 'black card' rule to hurling.

Meanwhile, Central Council has offered six reasons in its controversial attempt to stop the introduction of a clock/hooter system to end games: namely fear of human error; 'fouling down the clock' by the team in front; playing 'keep ball'; over-analysis of time lost through various stoppages; deliberate concession of a line ball after the hooter sounds; and systems failure.