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GAA don't give a s**t about us – Dunne

LIAM DUNNE carries a fiery disposition with him on the line and also, as it turns out, in conversation with the media.

On Saturday night, he used the opportunity to air his grievances about the venue for the replay, the GAA's disregard (as he saw it) for hurling's second tier and his right to announce whatever team he wants, even if it bears little resemblance to the one which lines out.

"The game should be in Croke Park," the Wexford manager said. "They shouldn't be bringing a game like this to Parnell Park.

"They're on about wanting to promote hurling and look after the so called weaker teams and the second-tier teams but I think really they don't give a s**t.

"There's games up there in Croke Park – Nicky Rackards, Christy Rings and Lory Meaghers – and Croke Park would never fill.

"All I'm saying is we drew with Dublin in the Leinster championship down here in Wexford Park and we deserve to be playing in Croke Park.

"The powers that be make the rules. We'll abide by the rules. I'm only making the point. Treat the Dublin hurlers with the same respect as the Dublin footballers and treat the Wexford hurlers with a little bit more respect as well."



Dunne also boasts the new world record for naming a dummy team, with no less than six personnel inaccuracies from the 15 named during the week (including a dummy goalkeeper) and a grand total of 14 positional changes.

"I'm managing the team and I'll do it whatever way I like," he said.

"If I feel like doing it that way then that's how I'll do it. I don't think there was anyone out there that didn't know who they were.

"I actually think there should be a squad number," he continued. "It's a joke. You're asked to name a team on the Tuesday night. If you don't, you're going to be fined."

Dunne then went on to claim that the Dublin team had not been submitted on time for the match programme, a development which resulted in, as he put it, "all hell breaking loose".

"There was a blank page going to be put in the programme because it was so late coming it. I think the guy that was putting it in the programme was on holidays.

"Or else we find a system that Kilkenny do. They name their team on a Friday night and it's in a programme on Sunday and nobody knows about it. I think the squad numbers are the way to go – and if you think it was bad this week, wait 'till next week," he added, maybe half joking.