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GAA chief opposes 'outside' bosses


Leinster county chairman John Horan

Leinster county chairman John Horan

Leinster county chairman John Horan

LEINSTER Council chairman John Horan has advocated a new GAA regulation that would only allow homegrown managers at both club and county level.

The Dubliner broached the subject in his address to Leinster's annual convention, under a subject headlined "paying managers" - an area that the GAA has "never addressed", he argues.

"The successful teams in our championships generally have homegrown managers. We are a community-based organisation and, with that in mind, we should introduce regulations in regard to managers having a genuine link to the club and county they are training," Horan proposed.

While surmising that the problem is "probably even bigger at club level", he highlighted one recent example where "an individual presented for interview for a county job looking for near on six figures - and he hasn't even a burned pot to his name."

"Before we make changes we need a good education programme driven through and a time-line on when we introduce regulations, such as you played for the club or your children are now involved.

"At county level, you have to be from the county or we give exemptions to certain small counties.

"This is not to be blind to the fact that some local county managers have financial demands at the moment," he added.