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Finn: 'Dublin's time will come'

KEEP at it ... that's the advice to Dublin from Galway manager, Noel Finn.

Noel appreciates the effort that's being put in in the capital, and he fully understands there's no instant coffee recipe for success.

Building up the structures, brick by brick, is the way to go. And he insists that there will be light at the end of the Port Tunnel.

"Dublin have some nice players. Give them a couple of years," reasons Noel.


"The experience of last year, this year and in the next couple of seasons will stand to Dublin. But it will take time.

"It's not going to happen overnight. It's going to take a period of a few years.

"If they learn from every year, and from every game they play, they will get there."

The Blues concluded their Gala All-Ireland Senior Championship campaign with an away defeat by Tipperary last Saturday.

They began the term with a home loss to Clare at St Peregrine's. That's the game that the Dubs viewed as winnable.

But Clare have come on. They are a well-organised side, who have some slick finishers.

Dublin then fell to Wexford, Cork, Kilkenny and Galway. It was a demanding journey to say the least.

"In fairness, the senior grade is very, very high," comments Noel. "Dublin have a lot of young players. And it's not easy to adjust.

"We won the Intermediate title last year.

"A few of those girls have come through onto the senior squad, but it's going to take them time to get to grips with senior. It's a big step up.

"We have good talent coming through. We won the All-Ireland under-16 title for the last couple of years.

"I'm a firm believer in building yourself up through the ranks.

"Keep the girls hurling and make sure you have the talent emerging."

Earlier this term, that Galway U-16 side beat Dublin at Ayrfield. They looked so impressive.

The future for Galway looks good when you judge it on that crew.


The senior team are into the All-Ireland semi-final.

"That was our priority. We have a couple of hard weeks of training in front of us now.

"The season is going fairly well. We are happy enough with it. Semi-final day can go anyway. It either goes for you or it doesn't. It's a make or break day.

"But training has been going nicely and we are beginning to hurl well as a unit now."

Semi-final day mightn't be all that far in the distance for the Metropolitans if they keep on grafting.

"There's a lot of work going on at underage level in Dublin. It will reap rewards," predicts Noel with confidence.