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Fennelly targets semi-final comeback

MICHAEL FENNELLY has set the Leinster semi-final against Dublin or Wexford on June 23 as a possible date for his return to the Kilkenny team, provided his team-mates beat Offaly on Sunday week.

"Maybe if we get over Offaly, but I'm looking at it every day to see how it is coming on and when it feels right, that's when I will be back because the ankle is tedious and hopefully it will come right," the former Hurler of the Year explained.

"It's still very tender, but I'm just back putting weight on it this last few days. It will probably be three-to-four weeks, hopefully. But it's hard to know with the ankle because if you do a bit of work with it, it could just flare up, so you have to be patient."


Fennelly also insisted he had no notion that Brian Cody would be taking Kilkenny training last Sunday, but welcomed the return of hurling's most successful manager.

Fennelly, currently out with the injury which will prevent him from lining out against Offaly in Kilkenny's Leinster opener in two weeks' time, also insisted the team haven't skipped a beat in Cody's absence.

"His health is key and whenever he felt right, he was going to come back. I think the players are mature enough to get on with things too and (selectors) Martin (Fogarty) and Mick (Dempsey) have held the camp together well.

"Things would have went on okay, too. I don't think if we had slipped up in a game it would have been because Brian was there or not."