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Fears Gilroy could follow Whelan out of Dub set-up

MICKEY WHELAN'S decision to bow out at the All-Ireland summit has fanned fears that Pat Gilroy may also be set to quit as Dublin football manager.

Ciaran Whelan admitted that his namesake's retirement as Dublin coach leaves a "massive void" -- and fears it could signal the start of the break-up of Gilroy's management team.

"The rumour mill seems to think that Pat will go as well, which at the moment is not in the best interests of Dublin because they need stability," the former Dublin midfield talisman said this morning.

"Having finally got there, I think a change of management is not the best way forward for Dublin."

Even if Gilroy decides to stay on in search of back-to-back All-Irelands, the Evening Herald columnist conceded that Whelan (pictured left) will be very difficult to replace.

"If Pat stays on, with his various other commitments, he will have to bring in a lieutenant who he has trust in, and the ability to take on a lead role in training.

"It's that 'super-coach' role and I'm not too sure if there's someone out there in Dublin with the experience that Mickey has."