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Fair play replay? You must be 
joking, it's daft

Donegal to shock the nation and draw with Dublin this weekend?

No problem, there's a solid plan in place for an event that has not yet happened and in truth is highly unlikely to happen. The replay will be in Croke Park.

Mayo and Kerry have actually drawn their semi-final, an outcome that was predicted by many pundits and punters last weekend. The plan? A replay in Limerick this coming Saturday. Because the auld field in Dublin is needed for some class of an American college festival.

Can the GAA be serious?


This was just a daft plan and should never have been signed off on. There is a simple solution of course.

The Mayo v Kerry replay should get the Dublin v Donegal replay slot on the obvious basis that the Dubs drawing with the Ulster champions is highly unlikely (see bookmakers odds).

And if the Dubs draw, let the replay go ahead in Clones. Or Thurles. Or Limerick. But such a requirement is unlikely to happen.

Anybody know the odds on two football semi-finals being drawn? It happened in 1985 if memory serves me (I still feel the pain) and the 
replays went ahead in Croker. More innocent times.

One thing we can say is the ref did not play for the draw last Sunday. The fourth official's board tells us the time left these days and of course both sides had an opportunity to finish it off.

And finally, a word on the Lee Keegan sending off. Harsh? Yes. Appropriate? Yes.

We can't have it both ways - we either want our referees to abide by rules or else we want hurling.

Still, if I was in Keegan's shoes I would certainly seek a hearing because the GAA world is well aware the Central Hearings Committee will issue a finding depending on how they fall out of bed that morning. It's worth a shot.