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Ezine the latest indicator of a sport on the up

HOLD the Back Page. CamogiEzine has been spinning off the presses.

It's a pathway to all camogie departments and it has more links than a charm bracelet.

Its big, recent exclusive was on the inaugural Camogie Golf Classic that takes place at Kilkenny City Golf Club on Friday, August 13.

The following day sees the two Gala All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship semi-finals going ahead in Nowlan Park.

That treble bill has long weekend written all over it.

The golf costs €300 for a team of four. That's super value.


For that you get the golf, a goody bag and dinner. The tee-times are from 8am to 11.30am, and from 2pm to 5pm.

It costs €150 to sponsor a tee-box or green. More information from Lynn Kelly (087-2059587) or email lynnkelly15@gmail.com. Or click onto www.camogie.ie

And there's also no shortage of words or pictures on CamogiEzine.

There's all the Championship happenings, including a full basket of revealing interviews.

There's all the latest news from New York to Sligo, and the progress that's being made.

A bigger profile for the sport is helping that development.

The Dublin Camogie website has got more hits than Louis Walsh.

Camogie TV is attracing the viewers, and each week there's a slice of Championship action on The Sunday Game.

That's the way to keep the small ball spinning.