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Experienced Egan set to spread the good word

CLAIRE Champion. Spreading the message as best she can.

That's Claire Egan's role in camogie's big house.

She's been appointed camogie's communications and marketing supremo.

She's been busy. Getting the sport prominence on the sports pages and in the media in general is the goal.

And, like so many, she can't wait for the Blue tide to come in. "Dublin play such an important role. You could say that across the board," reflects Claire.

"Take the men's footballers, the hurlers and the ladies footballers. They bring so much extra to it.

"All the other counties pull out all the stops to beat Dublin, and that brings an edge to things. It causes excitement."

Claire is from Mayo. She plays football for the county. Back in 2003, she was on the team that foiled the Jackies in such heart-breaking fashion in the All-Ireland final in Croke Park.


Dublin, under Mick Bohan, were a breath away from their first All-Ireland senior title. Mayo snatched the title on the finish line.

"I remember that day well and we have had many good battles since," says Claire, who is looking forward to her task.

"It's a big opportunity and I have joined a very enthusiastic and energetic team.

"I'm coming into an organisation that has progressed enormously and we hope to progress further.

"Dublin can play a part in that. There's such a deep tradition in Dublin camogie.

"So many legends. Dublin has given so much to the sport. We saw that at our recent Camogie Night at the Croke Park Museum which went down very well."

Claire now wants to see more iconic figures emerge from the capital and elsewhere.

"Camogie is a great sport for young people," she says. "And there's certainly no shortage of role models to inspire the present generation. There's so many positive things going on, both on and off the pitch, and the future is looking very good."

Claire's industry mightn't see camogie make it onto Sky News, but as far as coverage is concerned, she insists that for the sport, the sky is the limit.