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Enjoy final day in style and help out a true hero

THERE'S a hero that walks the streets of Malahide -- his name is Nicky Cleere.

The Syls jersey is sown into his fabric. A St Sylvester's team-sheet was never complete without Nicky and his three brothers, 'Airy', Kian and Russell.

Nicky played with the heart of Paul O'Connell. The sight of him going into the mix, emerging with the ball and bursting up the field was a common one.

He captained the Dublin minor footballers to Leinster glory. He also achieved Leinster U21 gold.

But what's the most inspiring thing of all is the way in which he continues to battle back from a life-changing injury.

In November 2009, Nicky was knocked down in a hit-and-run in Lisbon. The medics worked on him for an hour at the roadside.

At the Xavier Hospital, he remained in a coma. Eventually he was air-lifted back to Dublin. He spent four months in Beaumont Hospital.


He left in a wheelchair, with no memory of being there. He then spent three months at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire.

In June 2010, he made the golden journey home to the village. He kept making progress. With the gusto he brought to the Syls and Dublin shirt, he shouldered the walking frame and replaced it with a stick.

And Nicky continues to show the attitude of the champion.

To assist in the ongoing rehab, the Nicky Cleere Trust was set up.

And they have organised a most attractive fundraiser where the prize will see the winners enjoy an All-Ireland final day at Croke Park in the lap of luxury.

You get the use of a 15-seater corporate suite in Croke Park (tickets, lunch, refreshments). Draw 1: All-Ireland Hurling final, September 9, 2012. Draw 2: All-Ireland Football final, September 23, 2012.

The closing date for tickets is July 30, 2012. The winners will be drawn on August 18 at St Sylvester's (9pm). Tickets cost ¤10. More information on nickycleeretrust.com