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Dunne: I had to counteract Dubs' insider

THE Wexford 'dummy team' controversy has taken a twist after Liam Dunne revealed he made six changes from his match programme line-up to counteract Dublin's insider knowledge.

"To be fair, we'd a video analyst and he went to work with Dublin earlier this year because he got a better offer. His reasons were perfectly understandable and the best of luck to him," the Wexford manager explained.

"When you move camps things can happen and Dublin would have information on different players of ours. Why should I let Dotsy O'Callaghan, Liam Rushe or any other Dublin player for that matter know who they are marking? They'll find out quick enough on Saturday. That's the level of professionalism we're at in hurling."

Dunne expects either he or the Wexford county board will face some reprimand for last weekend's ruse and, looking to Saturday's Parnell Park replay, he declared: "There will be a Wexford team and there will be 15 players with numbers on the backs of their jerseys.

"I'm sure something will happen over the match programme."