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Duignan admits he turned down Dubs hurling job

MICHAEL Duignan has revealed he was sounded out for the Dublin hurling manager's job prior to Anthony Daly's appointment in late 2008.

In his recently released autobiography 'Life, Death & Hurling', the former Offaly star explained how he met Dublin County Board Secretary John Costello after Tommy Naughton's tenure had ended, and although the job wasn't formally offered, Duignan "got the impression that it was mine if I wanted it".

"I have to admit I was seriously interested in taking it," wrote Duignan. "The appointment process had been dragging on for a while at this stage and I'd say they were hoping and expecting that Nicky (English) would have taken the job."

However, the double All-Ireland winner revealed how his late wife's battle with cancer ultimately prevented him from taking up the role.

"I thought about it and Edel didn't have a problem with me doing it, but it just wasn't workable. I could have been in the job for a month and then have to quit if Edel had deteriorated and required hospice care at home, for example, meaning I would have to take full responsibility for looking after the lads.

"My priorities simply had to be at home and nowhere else as I didn't know what was coming down the tracks, and it wouldn't have been fair to Dublin or my family if I had accepted the job under those circumstances.

"While it was hugely appealing, the timing was just all wrong. I phoned Costello and explained my predicament and he understood. I suggested Anthony Daly as somebody who would be worth talking to. Maybe Anthony was on their radar anyway."