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Dubs saluted by Derry

CAMOGIE is heading in the one direction. It's on the right road ... and so are the Dubs.

That's the sweet music of the Derry air, delivered by their captain, Gráinne McGoldrick.

"Earlier in the year we played Dublin in a challenge match. It was a very good game. I was impressed with them.

"Dublin is such a big county. They got some decent results in recent times. And reaching the All-Ireland quarter-final last year was a big boost for the county. Camogie needs a winning Dublin team. Dublin is the capital city and I certainly hope they can keep on progressing and doing well."

The AIG sponsorship is also to be welcomed. As is the involvement of Liberty Insurance as the sponsors of the All-Ireland Camogie Championship.

"It's brilliant for the game. And it's nice for camogie and hurling to be paired together. It will be an exciting five years."

Gráinne's favourite hurler is Offaly's Johnny Dooley. "I was a fan of his ever since my mammy brought me to Lavey to see Derry playing Offaly. Just to watch him playing was a privilege. I always admired him. And I admire the skill of any good hurler or camogie player."


Gráinne is also in Katie Taylor's corner. "Katie is an icon for everybody. She has put female athletes on the map. She has raised the profile of women's sport.

"Years ago, it was not the thing to have girls boxing, or indeed playing certain sports. But now parents are encouraging their daughters to take part in sport – all sport. Katie's impact has been huge in that regard. Being involved in sport is good for health and for people's state of mind."

It was Derry's first season in the big-time. "It's all about building blocks. The standards in camogie have gone up so much. The pace of the game is so quick. It's a learning curve for us, but we are enjoying it."

This summer, Derry and Dublin were in separate groups. Maybe they'll share the same apartment in 2014. Gráinne would look forward to it.