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Dubs rule out Mayo subs appeal

DUBLIN will not be mounting any appeal against Mayo's use of blood replacements during Sunday's All-Ireland SFC semi-final defeat in Croke Park on Sunday.

There had been confusion over two changes involving Mayo wing-forward Kevin McLoughlin when, in the 55th minute, he was replaced by Colm Boyle as a blood sub after picking up a head injury.

McLoughlin later returned to the game in the 69th minute.

However, he did so in place of Jason Doherty rather than Boyle.

"If a team is proven to have exceeded their quota of five straight substitutions, under rule 6.42 (b) the opposing side can be awarded the game or a replay or fine can be handed out, depending on circumstances."

However, chairman Andy Kettle -- following an early-morning meeting of the Dublin management committee yesterday, confirmed there would be no appeal.

"Mayo did not break any rule, as per a DRA ruling back in 2006 (when Kildare challenged Offaly over similar circumstances)," he told the Herald.

"They won the game fair and square and we wish them the best in the final."

Kettle added that Pat Gilroy had been kept in the loop about the morning's developments but his future had not been mentioned.

"He said in his press conference on Sunday that he would take one or two weeks to decide his future and I would expect it to be more two weeks than one," Kettle added.