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Dubs progress applauded by Red Hand boss

NEVER write off the Jackies – that's the advice of the Tyrone manager, Michael Rea.

Michael admired the diligence of the Dubs when they beat Tyrone in the league this season.

"The league is always interesting. It's a chance to look at players. Dublin have the talent.

"They were All-Ireland champions as recently as 2010 and last year they won the All-Ireland minor title.

"I have been impressed with their progress. They continue to work hard and keep the head down."

The Tyrone boss has been at the coalface of the game for quite a while. He has seen the improvement.

"Earlier this year we played a match before one of Tyrone's men's National League matches.

"A lot of people watching said they were astonished by the standard of the ladies game. I wasn't," said Rea.

"I have been around the sport for a good bit now. And there's no doubt that the quality keeps on increasing.

"But I always knew the high standards were there in the first place. But we are always striving to make things even better.

"Hopefully, we'll keep on raising the profile and someday we'll all be under the one umbrella, and we'll all be following the GAA as one."