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Dubs pair set sights on fourth All-Ireland


Sineád Goldrick. Photo: SPORTSFILE

Sineád Goldrick. Photo: SPORTSFILE

Sineád Goldrick. Photo: SPORTSFILE

Dublin pair Sineád Goldrick and Niamh McEvoy have switched their focus to landing a fourth consecutive All-Ireland crown following their abruptly-ended stint in Australia.

The two signed for AFLW side Melbourne Demons last October and each made a positive immediate impression in the semi-pro League.

They had been expected to feature in the finals series in late March but were sent home by Demons over fears they could be stuck in Australia as the full scale of the coronavirus pandemic began to reveal itself.

"Our club decided to send us home because they were afraid," Goldrick explained in an interview with The Sunday Game.

"They were looking out for us as players, which is one of the reasons we are so grateful to them. They sent us home and they could have kept us.

"We wouldn't have been in that position without Dublin, and the experience that we from our home club teams, and the support that the Dublin management and players gave us."

"It was an overall great experience. We were so grateful to go to Melbourne. They cared for us. They sent us home."

McEvoy admitted that she had "committed to playing" with Dublin in the 2020 championship prior to making the move to Australia and was relieved that it will now take place.

Neither ruled out a return to Australia, however, with McEvoy admitted they were becoming more accustomed to the nuances of the oval ball before their stay was cut short.

"The rules were a bit of an issue for a while," she admitted.

"I think we were just getting to grips with it when the current situation with Covid happened."