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Dubs legend Bernard Brogan in call for sport tax relief


Bernard Brogan

Bernard Brogan

Brenard Brogan

Brenard Brogan


Bernard Brogan

DUBLIN GAA star Bernard Brogan has called on the Government to introduce further tax relief for sport, to help fight the influence of the computer game age on children.

Mr Brogan - winner of two senior All-Ireland championships and a list of other honours - has called for relief for day-to-day spending by sports clubs.

Speaking as the president of the Federation of Irish Sport, Mr Brogan said that such tax relief would have a positive impact on areas such as health.

"We're fighting in the age of the internet and gaming and we are trying to get kids involved in sport," he told the Herald.

"We all know how enthusiastic Ireland is about sport. It's part of our social fabric and a big aspect of our reputation abroad," he said.

Mr Brogan explained that there were two areas that the federation would like the Government to address.

The first was tax relief for current expenditure, by way of relief for donations made by individuals to sporting organisations.

Currently tax relief is in place only for capital expenditure, such as the construction of a sports pitch.

The second initiative sought by Mr Brogan and the federation is a wide distribution of the money from taxes on betting receipts, which at present will only be distributed to the greyhound and horse racing sectors.

"We are not looking for the Government to put its hand in its pocket. We are not looking for millions," he said.

"We feel that betting is not just done on horse or greyhound racing.

"Rugby, GAA, soccer, there is a massive amout of betting involved in these sports.

"I think the horse racing industry and greyhound industry have done a great job of explaining their worth," he said.