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Dublin v Donegal: What the pundits said

What the pundits said "That red card helped Dublin because Donegal took their eye off the ball."

Everyone knew who they were marking when it was 15 against 15, but with 15 versus 14, one or two players didn’t mark the space that they were meant to.

“And the loss of Karl Lacey was a big blow to Donegal. He was playing very well at the time and when he went off, that little bit of style disappeared.” Barney Rock

“Donegal have the Taliban of GAA defences. Heaven help us if this is the way the game of Gaelic football is going because I’ve seen the apocalypse there in the last 38 minutes.

“Remember that tribe in Iraq, the Shi’ite tribe? Well, we’ve been watching Shi’ite football. There are people who go to the Hague for war crimes - some coaches nowadays should be up for crimes against Gaelic football.” Pat Spillane

“Dublin had to show great patience and mental strength to break Donegal. That will stand to them going into the final.

“Dublin waited 60 minutes for their first score from play yesterday but given that Kerry won’t adopt such a defensive style it should not be a worry.” Graham Geraghty

“This Dublin panel and management team lost an All-Ireland semi-final last year to Cork by one point. In 2009, they were pounded by Kerry.

“Those harsh and harrowing defeats have taught them a lot. They have improved, hardened and picked a more balanced side.” Ray Silke

“Dublin, with wins over Kildare, Tyrone and Donegal, are well stress-tested going into the final - unlike Kerry who, between league and championship, were only tested in the second half of Munster final.

“Dublin will be massively inexperienced compared to Kerry but Gilroy has been brilliant at shielding the team from hype and his men have played plenty of big games in Croke Park.” Trevor Giles