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Stephen Cluxton: No shots to save, but showed his first half sharpness with punched clearance away from inrushing Darren Hughes and 'sweeper' interception ahead of Chris McGuinness. Most kickouts went short but usually spot-on when he kicked long. RATING: 7

Michael Fitzsimons: Second strong showing since his recall. Kept McGuinness scoreless and did likewise with Jack McCarron. Rare attacking foray set up a Dean Rock point. Only minor quibble came when his spillage led to converted '45'. RATING: 7

Rory O'Carroll: Won ding-dong duel with Conor McManus on points, confining Monaghan's one marquee forward to a brace from play. Fouled his man for two converted frees and lucky to avoid a yellow. RATING: 7

Philly McMahon: Won Sky's vote for Man of the Match, and certainly had strong claims given his success in keeping Kieran Hughes scoreless from play in the first half; his subsequent success on Paul Finlay; his ability to pick up kickout breaks (one led to Dublin's second goal) and his counter-attacking menace. Talked his way into the yellow and duly replaced. RATING: 8

James McCarthy: Another powerhouse in the Dublin defence, and looks on his way to a maiden All Star. Defensively untroubled by Stephen Gollogly (who was replaced) and showed his devastating ability on the counter with his bulldozing run and offload for Bernard Brogan's goal. RATING: 8

Jonny Cooper: Played much of the game in Monaghan's half as he pressed up on Kieran Duffy. Kicked a sweet right-footed point, cutting in from the left. Shipped a couple of heavy second half tackles and departed after being fouled for a Bernard Brogan free.


Nicky Devereux: Rarely put on the back foot. Won the breaking ball that led to Dublin's first, game-changing goal and his man (Padraig Donaghy) was subbed at the break. Was beaten to a couple of third-quarter kickouts by Darren Hughes. RATING: 7

Michael Darragh Macauley: Not as toweringly influential as he was in Leinster, but after a mixed first half he came strong on the resumption, winning two Monaghan kickouts, setting up a point for Eoghan O'Gara and a goal chance for Cormac Costello. RATING: 7

Cian O'Sullivan: Claimed two Monaghan kickouts and kept the midfield motoring in his understated, efficient way. Picked up a knock and replaced after 48 minutes.


Paul Flynn: A strangely subdued first half gave way to a power-packed second. Excellent point off his right kickstarted a big third quarter, during which the three-time All Star snared three kickouts. Crowned his day with a late second point, this time off his left. RATING: 7

Kevin McManamon: Never came close to repeating his Leinster final heroics - perhaps starting on the '40' didn't work to his advantage. Broke his duck with the first point of the second half but, having kicked a ball straight into touch, was first Dub off after 44 minutes.


Diarmuid Connolly: His pivotal goal was all about pace (leaving Kieran Duffy for dead) and ice-cool precision. Could have finished with a hat-trick, as a second goal chance flashed narrowly wide and a third was saved at point-blank range. RATING: 7

Alan Brogan: Arguably pick of Dublin's starting forwards, even though he started with a few edgy moments before settling to kick three impressive points. Just one wide, and replaced late on. RATING: 8

Eoghan O'Gara: Recovered from an early yellow and then a carelessly undercooked fisted effort to play the pass that released Connolly for his goal, before kicking a point either side of half-time. RATING: 7

Bernard Brogan: Struggled early on to escape the ever-present shadow of Colin Walshe, but took his goal in typically predatory fashion. Dropped a couple of attempts short but took his frees effortlessly well. Finished as top scorer with 1-7 (1-1 from play). RATING: 7


Cormac Costello: Won a converted free, scored 0-1 but shot narrowly wide of goal when he should have passed to the unmarked Bernard Brogan. RATING: 6

Dean Rock: Best of the back-up boys, kicking two fine points, the second after forcing a turnover. RATING: 7

Jack McCaffrey: Strange to see him only added to the match programme subs, wearing number 28. RATING: 6

Paddy Andrews: One wide and a late assist. RATING: 6

Darren Daly: No major impact. RATING: 6

Paul Mannion: His run set up Costello point. RATING: 6