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Dublin GAA and Bavaria 0.0% come together to form a ground breaking partnership

The move, says Tomás Quinn, Commercial and Marketing Manager, Dublin GAA, was designed to make budding athletes and sports fans aware that there are heathy alternatives to alcohol available.

"The health and well-being of our teams and our fans, especially our young and impressionable fans, is extremely important to us.

"The opportunity to actively lead change in thinking and in practice has always been a part of Dublin GAA. It was a no-brainer for us to partner with Bavaria 0.0% and we look forward to building a relationship which promotes not only sports but follows through with the health and education of our teams and our fans."

The deal was negotiated by the Rye River Brewing Company who distribute Bavaria 0.0% in Ireland.

Frank Swinkels, CFO for Bavaria commented, "We are delighted to be working with Dublin GAA.

"We developed our patented method of brewing Bavaria 0.0% with a more health conscious and active society in mind. We see non-alcoholic beer as no longer being relegated to those who are designated drivers, but as a refreshing choice for those who are looking for the great taste of beer but don't want the calories or the effects of alcohol."

According to Tomás this partnership has the power to alter the longstanding association between sports and alcohol in Ireland.

"We believe we have a real and tangible opportunity to help change habits and open the discussion up on leading a healthier lifestyle and achieving the goals, in particular in young aspiring athletes."

"With sport being such an important part of young people's lives, starting in schools but extending to sports clubs like the Dublin GAA, we need to start leading by example and delivering alternatives to the adults and athletes that young sports fans look up to and aspire to emulate," says Pamela Ryder, Head of Marketing for the Rye River Brewing Company.

"Seeing your parents or athletes you admire reach for a non-alcoholic beverage after a sports event or even while watching a sporting event has meaning. It delivers a strong message by example which we hope challenges young people to make better choices earlier on in their lives."