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Dublin boss furious over Clare lottery

DUBLIN camogie manager Shane O'Brien has revealed that his players are "distraught" over the Camogie Association's decision that, should Clare beat Derry this weekend, they will draw lots to see if either the Banner or Dublin will progress in the competition, though he said he retained hope that "common sense will prevail".

The pair cannot be separated using the usual mechanisms following a 1-8 to 1-8 draw between the teams.

"Obviously we're bitterly disappointed for the players' welfare, for the sacrifices the players have made," O'Brien said, speaking today on Morning Ireland.

"To be honest, they're distraught really. They've given so much of their time, made so many sacrifices.

"If you were to decide the outcome of an event in a summer camp it would turn kids sour against whatever sport they were playing. I just hope common sense will prevail."