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Donegal top All Stars list for New York

DONEGAL folk may have an incorrigible knack for voting against the nationwide grain, but the county will be entirely predictable poll-toppers when the GAA GPA All Stars football tour jets out to New York tomorrow.

Eight Donegal players will be on the flight to JFK, but they'll have stiff competition from a seven-strong Dublin contingent, with six Mayo men, five apiece from Cork and Kerry, and one from Kildare, Wexford and Tyrone.

Jim McGuinness will manage the 2012 All Stars following a week that has seen the Donegal boss hog the headlines for his dramatic cross-code 'signing' by Glasgow Celtic as a performance consultant, working predominantly with their up-and-coming stars.

And with retired Dublin boss Pat Gilroy returning to management as supremo to the 2011 All Stars, it means we'll have a reprise of last year's infamously low-scoring All-Ireland semi-final sideline joust in Gaelic Park next Saturday.

Five Dubs who made the same team -- the Brogan brothers, Alan and Bernard, Kevin Nolan, Michael Darragh Macauley and Paul Flynn -- are also on the plane and they will be joined by two replacement All Stars from the capital, Rory O'Carroll and Kevin McManamon.

Double All Stars: Karl Lacey (Donegal), Neil McGee (Donegal), Paul Flynn (Dublin).

2011 Travelling All Stars: Paul Flynn (Dublin), Marc Ó Sé (Kerry), Bryan Sheehan (Kerry), Karl Lacey (Donegal), Alan Brogan (Dublin), Kevin Cassidy (Donegal), Andy Moran (Mayo), Bernard Brogan (Dublin), Kevin Nolan (Dublin), Michael Darragh Macauley (Dublin), Darran O' Sullivan (Kerry), Neil McGee (Donegal), Michael Foley (Kildare).

2012 Travelling All Stars: Alan Dillon (Mayo), Aidan Walsh (Cork), Lee Keegan (Mayo), Colm O'Neill (Cork), Neil Gallagher (Donegal), Mark McHugh (Donegal), Michael Murphy (Donegal), Paul Durcan (Donegal), Keith Higgins (Mayo). Replacements: Eoin Cadogan (Cork), Ben Brosnan (Wexford), Tomás Ó Sé (Kerry), Brendan Kealy (Kerry), Cillian O'Connor (Mayo), Kevin McLoughlin (Mayo), Anthony Thompson (Donegal), Rory O'Carroll (Dublin), Joe McMahon (Tyrone), Kevin McManamon (Dublin), Donnacha O'Connor (Cork), Paul Kerrigan (Cork).