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Dessie demands killer instinct


Dublin U-21 manager Dessie Farrell.  Photo: Matt Browne / SPORTSFILE

Dublin U-21 manager Dessie Farrell. Photo: Matt Browne / SPORTSFILE

Dublin U-21 manager Dessie Farrell. Photo: Matt Browne / SPORTSFILE

DESSIE FARRELL believes Dublin will need to show a more clinical nature if his side are to prove successful in their Cadbury's Leinster U21 Football Championship final against Meath tomorrow week.

The Dubs lacked their normal precision in last Wednesday's 3-7 to 0-6 semi-final win over Longford and the Na Fianna clubman will expect an improvement in their attacking play in eight days' time.

"We kicked a lot of wides over the course of the game and that was disappointing from our perspective.

"Our collective decision making was not at its optimum either and that's something that we will need to address as we prepare for a big challenge against Meath next week.

"We had a good lead at half-time and had the benefit of the breeze at our backs for the second-half but we didn't take advantage of that and that is certainly a cause of concern for us," he added.

Thankfully, Dublin's bright start ensured they built up a sufficient lead to withstand Longford's improved second-half showing.

Paul Mannion's two goals within the opening 12 minutes were crucial in that regard and was one of the positives to come from the 10-point victory, according to Farrell.

"It was very important for us to make a bright and positive start to the match and thankfully, that is what transpired.

"Maybe, we were a little fortunate with the nature of the goals but you take whatever luck is going your way when it comes and we drove on well for the remainder of the first-half.

"I was impressed with Longford's display in the second-half and although we weren't as clinical in front of goal as we could have been, I thought they plugged away and caused us a few problems.

"Our defence has been working very well as a unit in our two Championship games so far but naturally we are conscious that the next day will present a totally different challenge for our defenders.

"Meath have some excellent attacking players who are well able to take their scores and their attacking threat is another area that we will need to focus on in the coming days," concluded Farrell.