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Deise stick to their guns

WATERFORD'S Pauric Mahony insists his team are "not trying to be negative", despite the attention surrounding their defending style during this year's league.

"It's not really that we're setting out with a massive game plan to go defensive; our game plan really is hard work," he pointed out.

"If that means that you have to go back the field as a half forward to cover a man you just have to do it for the team, and then get back up the field as quick as you can.

"We're not trying to be negative. It's just hard work.

"If you look back to the Cork game last year [in the Munster SHC], our intensity in the first half was serious and I think we really bottled Cork up.

"That's what we've been trying to do this year, get back to where we were that day.

"We played some great hurling in that first match against Cork but it was obviously our intensity that got us in to that position."

Mahony said Waterford have searched deeply for the reason they haven't been good enough to win a Munster title since 2010 or why they were relegated last year, but revealed that their promotion and run to next Sunday's League final has instilled a belief in Derek McGrath's methods.


"It's always easy to say when you're in good positions and not getting over the line that the first thing you go back is, 'are we fit enough?'

"I don't think fitness was that reason. It may have been confidence or that we lacked a bit of experience when we were in the driving seat - we didn't know how to kick on.

"The one thing this year that we're trying to do if we're in that position is to make sure that we stand up. That's when you need leaders to drive things on.

"At the end of the day we are probably the fifth team in Munster," Mahony continued.

"You're judged on championship and we had a bad one last year.

"But this is a new year, we've a good young team and we feel we're going in the right direction," concluded the Deise star.