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Dazzling Dubs website wows judges

DUBLIN hit the jackpot in Croke Park on Saturday night.

The Dublin Camogie website was voted Camogie Website of the Year at the Camogie Association Media Awards.

It's no surprise that the Dublin site topped the poll. It has a neat, bright design, the news department is always busy and there are more pictures than in the National Art Gallery. The info is easy to access and all the bells and whistles of the age of technology are there.

Also called to the winners' enclosure was Caroline Quinn of Trinity Gaels, who scooped the Camogie Picture of the Year accolade.

It's a smashing shot of a young Kilkenny player in mid-air, lifting the sliotar up with her feet after she lost her hurl.

The awards salute Mick Dunne, one of the most respected journalists and broadcasters of his era.

Paddy Glackin, head of RTE Radio Sport, recalled many a trip with Mick down the country on some GAA assignment or other.

"Mick always had such time for people. He gave so much of his himself to the job and his attention to detail was remarkable," recalled Paddy. "He kept such immaculate files and he shared his information with everybody. If you had a question about anything, you'd ring Mick and he had the answer.

"He was very kind to me when I first started in RTE.

"I remember being in awe of all these famous faces, but Mick came over to me and said if I needed any help with anything , just ask him. I never forgot it."

Camogie Association Media Awards

Match Programme: Armagh County Final. Local Radio Station: WLRFM (Waterford Local Radio). Provincial Newspaper: Roscommon Herald. Website: Dublin Camogie Board.

RTE Mick Dunne Memorial Awards

PRO of the Year: Brid McNamara (Clare Camogie Board). Professional Photograph of the Year: Caroline Quinn.

Amateur Photograph of the Year: John Merry.

Published Work: The History of Cavan Camogie (1909-2009).