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Davy angry at coverage of 'f-word' outburst

DAVY FITZGERALD maintains his four-letter outburst in Thurles on Sunday was provoked by "a nice bit of stuff" from one of the Waterford players and says he is unhappy with the one-sided coverage of the incident on The Sunday Game.

RTé microphones picked up Fitzgerald shouting: "I've got two All-Irelands and you've got f*** all," at Eoin Kelly during Waterford's two-point Munster semi-final win and, according to The Sunday Game, they chose to 'investigate' the incident on their flagship highlights programme on the prompting of viewers.

But Fitzgerald insists that he was on the receiving end of similar verbals prior to the incident which were "said to my face."

"There was a nice bit of stuff said to me before I said anything," Fitzgerald explained. The analysts were very fair and didn't make too much out of it. The likes of Liam Sheedy understands it. It was given to me first.

"I wasn't involved with any of their players, never said a thing to any of them, because I made up my mind on that. I have no problem with any of the Waterford players but when something is said to me, you have a go back. That was said to my face. That happens in matches.

"Other players and managers are at it. It's over and done, it's forgot about as far as I am concerned."


However, he added: "I am just not happy with the way one side came across because there was other stuff said."

Fitzgerald was also adamant that John Mullane had been fed false information about an alleged comment made by the Sixmilebridge man concerning his own career.

Mullane, who was reported to have had an angry exchange in the tunnel with Fitzgerald afterwards, ran across the length of the Semple Stadium pitch to celebrate in front of his former manager and Fitzgerald suspected the player had been misinformed about a false comment to the effect that he was over the hill.

"I was blamed for other stuff that was meant to be said but I understand people are trying to rile players up and they'll do that by saying things like that, that aren't true," Fitzgerald clarified.

"I know that in my own heart of hearts that, listen, I didn't say anything."