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Curley says consistency will come

NATIONAL Referees Committee chairman, Mick Curley, is confident that a greater level of consistency in implementing the new handpass rule can be attained by all referees despite another weekend of controversy.

The use of the law by both Derek Fahy and Pat McEnaney on the same afternoon in matches in Leinster and Ulster differed greatly but Curley is adamant that a further round of consultation and training with all intercounty referees should iron out any anomalies.

"There were some inconsistencies again on Sunday but then this is new to everybody," Curley admitted. "We're working towards getting greater uniformity in how the rule is implemented and I have no doubt we're getting there.

"It's all about improving consistency right across the board. Once we can get players and referees on the same wavelength on this one, the problem should peter out," Curley added.

However, there is expected to be a major backlash against the rule which no longer allows water carriers to enter the playing field after sweltering conditions last weekend. Several county managers, including Conor Counihan and Mickey Harte, along with officials expressed their dismay at the ruling, predicting the risk of dehydration to players are a result.