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Crumlin camp 'big success'

CRUMLIN GAA are certainly on the up. Last week in O'Toole Park, the club catered for more than 200 children in their annual Easter Camp that provided further evidence as to how they have become a focal point for the local community, writes Diarmuid Geraghty.

Games Promotion Officer Mark McManus is thrilled with how things are progressing.

"It was a massive success and we couldn't have asked for better," he told the Herald.

"Our camps are growing at an average of 30pc a year for the last five years. We had 200-odd kids there - our biggest camp ever - and we ensure that each one of them gets the same time and effort from the coaches. It is all about fun and helping them to develop in every aspect.

"It doesn't matter what ability level a child has, we will help them along and everyone gets the same game time, not just in the camps but in all of our juvenile teams as well."

Mark could not speak highly enough about the mentors who made his life that bit easier in the week.

"We try to make sure that we have one coach for every 10 children," he explained.

"There were 20 coaches there last week and so we reached that target and the work been done by so many is incredible. There are now six schools in our catchment area and they have been a big help, too."

It is not a case, however, of volunteers going in blind as Crumlin ensure all their coaches receive the necessary training before they get involved in coaching.

"We ran our very first award one course over the winter and the response was brilliant," Mark continued.

"Up to now we have been catered for by other clubs in that regard but this was ran by us in house. It is a brilliant way to be and we will be running more coaching education courses this year."