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Cross' wires on venue make Maughan mad

CROSSMOLINA manager John Maughan insists that his team are 'not going to accept' Ballintubber being awarded two Mayo GAA senior league points after last Sunday's scheduled Division 1A fixture between the clubs did not go ahead.

"Speaking to The Mayo News last night, Maughan said: 'I spoke to our secretary Dermot Butler on Friday and specifically asked him where was the game on. He said the fixture specifically said Ballintubber. I knew that there was a new pitch there and so I sent out the text on Friday to tell the lads to go to Ballintubber for the game. It was my genuine understanding that was where the game would be.'

"The Crossmolina manager and several of his senior squad weren't in Ballintubber, having attended the wedding of former Crossmolina player, Liam Moffatt, in Killarney the previous day.

"Ballintubber GAA club chairman, Sean Hallinan, said that, as far as his club were concerned, the matter was an open and shut case. 'The game was fixed for 12 noon at the home venue of Ballintubber GAA Club, which is Ray Prendergast Memorial Park in Clogher,' he said. 'Every effort was made to inform Crossmolina on Sunday that the game was taking place in Clogher.'"

A bizarre tale of two venues, courtesy of the MAYO NEWS this week.

Ryan gets right roasting

"For Declan Ryan and his cabinet, their first term in charge will be dissected and analysed over the winter months ... One of Liam Sheedy's great virtues was surely his ability to learn on his feet and not repeat mistakes and that's now the great challenge for the present management because significant errors were made. They'll face a lot of flak on the Brendan Maher situation ... It was difficult to understand why he wasn't fast-tracked back onto the team. There was a ruthless decision to be made here and it was side-stepped ...

"The dogs on the streets knew that Cody would plant Shefflin on John O'Keeffe, yet we accepted it as a fait accompli and played on Kilkenny's terms. Why not switch Padraic Maher across immediately given his record on the Kilkenny man in the past?"

Culled from WESTSIDE's column on www.tipperary.gaa.ie -- refreshingly candid commentary for an official county board organ.

Tipp agony just like Irish

"We had a Macedonia."

The TIPPERARY STAR'S All-Ireland match report intro. Maybe next year we'll see Tipp switching to orange jerseys.