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Crokes furious final is on a Monday night

THE manager of Kilmacud Crokes, Hugh Kenny, is far from happy about the Evening Herald Dublin SFC final against Ballymun Kickhams taking place next Monday night at 7.45.

"I'M very disappointed about that, and I know the whole of the Kilmacud club is too," stated Kenny after Crokes beat St Brigid's in yesterday's dramatic semi-final.

"To have the county final on a Monday night at 7.45, even though it is a Bank Holiday, is an absolute and total disgrace," he continued.

"It doesn't do anything for the promotion of GAA. And I have plenty of experience in that regard because I'm a full-time coach in Wicklow.

"You are always trying to bring juveniles through in clubs. But you are not going to get many of them going to a game at a quarter to eight on a Monday night.

"That's too late for young lads to be watching football and to be cheering on their team. It's not on to be bringing them in bus-loads at that hour.

"When Kilmacud were in last week's Dublin hurling final, four or five bus-loads of kids left from the club. That's what you want to see."

Dublin County Board officials declared that Monday was the best available option and that night-time finals proved popular in the past.