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Crokes experience to tell

KILMACUD CROKES v ST MAUR'S (Tonight, Newcastle, 7.15)

CROKES, seven times champions, will never be far from the stage door. Brigid's pipped them by a point last season.

All were delighted to see Paul Griffin's return. Pure gold. And the applause also rings out for Darren Magee. Mr Vaughan is also a man to bring music to the party. The championship is all the better when MV is in the building.

Maur's have three MVPs who helped the Dublin U21s to the Promised Land -- Danny Byrne, Ciarán Reddin and Luke Fletcher.

Maur's have built a name for the pace and crispness of their football. It has brought them to Division 1. Crokes booked into Division 2 for their B and B. That doesn't read right, but it didn't do Brigid's any harm. Clontarf or Peregrine's to play the winners. Crokes experience and firepower to tell.

VERDICT: Kilmacud Crokes