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Criticism showered on Croker

CROKE Park, the CCCC and Leinster Council have all come under a hail of criticism after Louth effectively drew a line through 'Sludden-gate' when they vowed to press on with their All-Ireland SFC qualifier campaign, denying suggestions that they were set to mount a legal challenge to the result of last Sunday's ill-fated Leinster SFC decider.

A statement released by the Louth county board denied they had ever sought legal advice on the matter, contradicting reports that they were planning a DRA assault to win a re-fixture and slammed both Leinster Council and the CCCC for leaving the decision on a potential replay in the hands of the Meath camp.

"The award of the game rests with the committee/council in charge acting on the referee's report," read the statement.

"We would contend that the committee/council in charge erred in leaving the matter to the Meath County Board to offer a replay, without seeking clarification from the referee in relation to his match report and his statement 'he made a terrible mistake'.

"Despite the fact that there are several avenues open to us to question the result, we believe we have a responsibility to our members and supporters alike to display leadership on this issue and to move forward to the qualifiers. "

Meath vice-chairman, Eugene Comaskey, was equally critical of the authorities stating that the Royals had been "backed into a corner" and claiming that Croke Park had offered little or no guidance on the matter.


"Initially what was said was that if Meath county board offered a replay, that would be acceptable," said Comaskey.

"But it should never have been left to us to make that decision. The people at the very top should have been giving some direction.

"We need direction from Croke Park now to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, to clarify all these situations.

"There isn't any point in somebody saying that they hope to be rescued by a generous gesture by a county board to resolve a situation like that.

"We have to go by the rule and the rule states that the referee's report is final," he added.