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Coulter hits out at 'trash talk'

BENNY COULTER has blasted the "crap" behaviour of several defenders he has faced in the Ulster championship.

The goalscoring Down ace pinpoints one exception to the cynical rule - saluting Armagh's Andy Mallon for focussing purely on winning possession rather than riling his direct opponent.

"There are some games you really enjoy and there are others you don't," said Coulter, speaking ahead of Down's Ulster SFC quarter-final against Donegal in Ballybofey this Sunday.

"I went out against Andy Mallon and Andy is a fair player. You're going for the ball - if he gets one fair play to him, if I get one it's fair play to me. So it's good, it's really enjoyable, but in some Ulster matches it's not like that. There's no old crap out of Andy, which you get out of a lot of Ulster teams.

"I'm not going to name names but they know who they are," Coulter continued.

"You're just getting verbals the whole game, with pulling and dragging, and it's pure crap.

"It just depends who you come up against, but after your career is over I can go out and have the craic with Andy, but you always remember the boys who are at the other end of the scale," he added.