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Cooney expects strong action by Leinster

GAA president Christy Cooney says that Central Council's decision not to bring any motions regarding disciplinary rule changes to the Clár for this year's Congress does not mean that the GAA's top brass have taken their eye off the ball with regard to on-field behaviour.

Cooney's comments came in light of the ugly brawl which marred Sunday's O'Byrne Cup between Laois and Kildare after seven players were sent off - five following the 31st minute melee.

"We have standards that we've set and we want those standards to be maintained," said Cooney. "But they cannot be maintained without the full co-operation of our players that play our games. We will always continue to monitor what goes on on the field of play."

Cooney said the decision not to tamper with existing legislation came after "things went so well in last year's championship" but expected Sunday's indiscipline to be dealt with in the appropriate manner by Leinster Council. "I'm sure the Leinster CCC will deal with it within the rules and take the necessary appropriate action."