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Cooney calls on Limerick hurlers to back down

CHRISTY COONEY has called on the Limerick hurlers who have steadfastly refused to play again under Justin McCarthy to resume their inter-county careers "for the good of Limerick hurling."

The GAA president was reacting to last night’s emphatic endorsement of McCarthy’s embattled reign by a special meeting of the Limerick county board, which voted 83-47 to retain their hurling boss even though a majority of last year’s county panel won’t play for him.

“I believe this should be put to bed now, let Justin McCarthy get on with his job, and I think now there’s a challenge for the players,” Cooney said at the launch of the GAA’s revamped website in Croke Park.

“They’ve voiced their opinion quite forcefully over the past period of time on where they stood on things. The county board has made a decision that Justin finishes out his term at least until the end of this year. I think there is an onus and a responsibility now on the players, each as individuals, to consider their position – and to do what’s right in the interests and for the good of Limerick hurling.”

The prospect of many ‘mutineers’ returning would appear pretty slim, but Cooney called on everyone – players, county board and McCarthy's management team – to “begin a healing process” and stressed that “all the bickering and the comments either side has to stop.”