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Conroy's St Vincent's team 'up with best'

"I DON'T think these guys really realise what they have achieved with the club," said Tommy Conroy in fine summation of the achievements of his team yesterday in Croke Park.

"They are up there now with all the greats in Vincent's."

High praise indeed.

In Vincent's, the status of club great is reserved only for the very special.

Think Heffo, Mullins, Hanahoe, Lar Foley, Pat Gilroy, Mickey Whelan et al.

Conroy himself was part of a pretty useful team but yesterday, the climax of two year's work with this bunch, "put to bed a lot of ghosts for me," he admitted in reference to the lost 1985 All-Ireland final to Castleisland.

"With Dublin, I lost two All-Irelands against Kerry. I was here, and the amount of Kerry guys I met in 2011 was incredible.

"When Dublin beat Kerry that day, that put a lot of ghosts to bed. It was great. And now to have been involved back in 2007 and 2008 with Mickey, that was great.


"But to head it up, it's fantastic. I'm delighted. That's why I feel I can work on the golf handicap and enjoy it."

For Ger Brennan, captain of this All-Ireland winning team, the victory was the culmination of an epic season.

A second Sam Maguire Cup last September preceded a second county title and now, another national club crown.

Anything else he wants to achieve?

"I'm hoping to win an O'Byrne Cup at some stage now," the 28-year-old joked.

"I remember in 2008 looking at Mossy Quinn, who was captain, in a selfish egotistical way I was probably envious of him lifting the cup, even though it was the team.

"Again, as you get older, you lose some of the egotism and the team comes into the picture. No, just to win is great and to win with your team, any time, any season is brilliant.

"Maybe when I am Tommy's young age," Brennan added, "I'll look back with fond memories of what we have achieved.

"As a player you tend to live in the present and you don't understand the impact of your achievements to the club, and for Dublin playing with the county.

"It is just great to be fit, to be healthy, to wake up and to be playing with a great group of guys here and with Dublin. Then to win is just an added bonus, so I just enjoy every moment."