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Concussion KO's season for McHugh


Ryan McHugh

Ryan McHugh

Ryan McHugh

Further proof that the GAA is waking up to the perils of concussion has come with the news that Ryan McHugh will sit out the rest of Kilcar's Donegal SFC defence, including Sunday's quarter-final against Naomh Conaill.

The 2016 All Star suffered the injury in a challenge match against St Vincent's of Dublin in Cavan late last month.

It was McHugh's second concussion this year, after an earlier one against Tyrone in March. It's understood he has not suffered any lasting symptoms but his father Martin has confirmed he is taking a precautionary rest.

McHugh Snr told BBC Sport: "They just feel that, having picked up the two so close to each other, the medical advice would be to take a break."

Comments earlier this summer from Lee Keegan suggest a shift in attitudes towards concussion. Along with a dislocated shoulder, the Mayo star suffered his third concussion after being caught by a red card tackle against Tyrone last March.

He later admitted: "If it happens again, we'll have to really sit down and maybe assess where I'm going after that."

In the same interview, Keegan likened football today to a "war zone" in terms of collisions.

And McHugh has certainly shipped plenty of them, so much so that, last July, Donegal boss Declan Bonner called on officials to give the 5'9" ace greater protection.