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Composer of the iconic The Sunday Game theme song James Last dies


Big band leader James Last has died aged 86

Big band leader James Last has died aged 86


James Last, the composer of the iconic The Sunday Game's theme tune, has died at the age of 86.

The German-born jazz band leader whose easy-listening orchestrations became worldwide hits, sold more than eighty million albums worldwide during his career.

He will be best known in Ireland for the tune Jägerlatein that is synonymous with GAA supporters.

Controversially RTÉ replaced the long-standing theme tune of The Sunday Game in 2004, which was met with a big back-lash from the general public.

Different versions were used until four years later the original was re-introduced.

"Over the last few seasons we've been inundated with requests from the public to bring it back," Paul Byrnes, Executive Editor, GAA and Editor of The Sunday Game said in 2008.

"Travelling the length and breadth of the country with The Sunday Game over the last few years, the replacement of the theme tune was always much talked about and lamented."

In a statement, his manager said: " Mr Last passed away yesterday in Florida, peacefully and in the presence of his family."