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Cody keen to keep it physical

FRESH from his "greatest success" in his unrivalled stint as Kilkenny hurling manager, Brian Cody has launched a plea for the game of hurling not to be "diluted" from its current levels of physicality.

Speaking yesterday after guiding the Cats to an unprecedented eighth All-Ireland title under his watch, Cody insisted that in recent years there had "been a concerted effort to take the physicality out of the game" and warned that those same forces would "destroy" hurling if they continue to meddle with the rules of engagement.

"The people who are tampering with this as far as I can see do not understand hurling," he said.

"My only big concern about hurling is that they would try to dilute the essence of the game, which is, man for man, the ball must be won. And that means getting in with your body and using your body.

"There has been, without a shadow of a doubt, a concerted effort made by I don't know who to take the whole physicality out of the game. If they don't stop messing with it they will destroy it."

Cody will form part of the Standing Rules Committee, established by Croke Park to examine the laws of the game, and will have some responsibility for any future rule changes.

"There has been no meeting yet, I don't know anything about it," he said. "(GAA president Christy Cooney) asked me to do it so I said fair enough.

"On Sunday, I was on the line and you just had that sense that it was an absolutely brilliant game. There was nobody hurt -- except the ref! Hurling is a savage game, played by savages sometimes. Let the game be played by hurlers and the greatest skill for me, apart from all the beautiful stuff, was, and always will be, the skill of winning the ball.

"You can't buy that. I have never seen dirty games. The cameras have kind of done away with any stupid stuff. Just let the game be played."

O'Grady to stay on in Limerick

The Limerick county board is expected to announce this week that Donal O'Grady will stay on as senior hurling manager.

The former Cork boss guided the team to an Allianz Division 2 title and an All-Ireland quarter-final this season, after taking over from Justin McCarthy, and is set to agree a new two-year term with the board.