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Cody: 'It's how hurling is supposed to be played'

IT was put to Brian Cody in Portlaoise on Saturday evening that Kilkenny's performance would rank as one for the ages.

Cody, naturally allergic to hubris, couldn't but concede that his team had just done something special, even if his words were typically coloured with understatement.

"Ah yeah, we played very well, there's no doubt about that. We were obviously hoping to stay with them as well as we could," he said.

"We got two very good goals in the first half and that gave us obviously a bit of a cushion which was huge for us at half-time because there was a very strong breeze out there.

"I suppose the attitude of the players right through the field was very good and I am just happy with it."

Cody stands at the centre of all this success, the constant factor and the generator of their ensuing brilliance.

To him, it makes sense. To everyone else, it's a mystery.

"I think it's just the game of hurling, how hurling is supposed to be played I think," he explained.

"There's nothing magical in that. Hooking and blocking are two of the top skills in the game. If you don't have intensity you are going to be blown away. There is nothing mysterious about it."