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Cody dispels the 'myth' of Cats' demise

KILKENNY winning the All-Ireland might be the safest January bet in the sporting world but who'd have predicted the course their season took before ultimately winding up where they most often do in September?

Would you have foresaw their Leinster final performance? A replayed final? A destruction of Tipperary en route?

Or Walter Walsh? Or Cillian Buckley?

Who, even within the walls of Kilkenny city, saw either of those players making such an immediate and lasting impact?

"It comes back to the ageing thing about the team, that whole myth, the questions were there about our panel and the depth of our panel," reflected Brian Cody yesterday.

"The panel is strong, the panel has always been strong. We were in the U21 All-Ireland final, we didn't win it but if you can get two or three players off a team any year you're doing nicely. Look, all we talk about is the present and yesterday's performance I thought was an outstanding performance to be honest."

It hasn't gone unnoticed by Cody though, that some are keen to see the devolution of their incredible power, more from weariness at their dominance than any personal grudge.

They said it post-Tipperary in 2010 and they said it post Leinster final this year. They even said it post-Dublin in last year's League final.

"I think people keep asking the question about that, but there's a skill involved in ensuring that they are right and fresh and there's quality people looking after that," Cody explained.

"Michael Dempsey looks after our physical conditioning and everything else. He's outstanding at doing it. He's proved it again and again.

"Martin (Fogarty), Mick and myself are there and we have great medical people there as well. They're key to the whole thing."

And there is no sign of it dissolving any time soon, despite Cody's typical reluctance to look too far forward.

"I'm going to enjoy it as ever," he insisted. "I like enjoying these occasions, we'll enjoy it and looking forward to the club matches. I haven't a clue what I'm doing next year, not a clue in the slightest. I never do. I only make it up as I go along."