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Byrne incident should be end of Blues playing challenges

DUBLIN along with the GAA need to review their challenge games policy after a shocking incident last weekend which left Davey Byrne hospitalised and in need of corrective surgery.

According to my source it was an unprovoked attack before the ball was thrown in to start the game and the unnamed Armagh player still played a part in the game.

The reaction from the Dublin camp was surprising in many ways but I understand why Jim Gavin would want to move on from this and get his players mind refocused on the upcoming games.

Any distractions are unwelcome at this stage of play.


That said the most important thing for Dublin going forward is to probably forget these games which only give opponents an opportunity to score some cheap points.

There is enough talent in the county to organise in-house games between the As and Bs and even a C side.

Mickey Harte doesn't do friendlies and his team won three All-Irelands in recent times.

The Dublin players are extremely professional so the benefits gained by challenge games at this stage of the year are minimal.

Davey Byrne is a terrific player and a young man I respect. He has an outstanding attitude and although bloodied and down at the moment I expect him to bounce back.