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Bubbles: Waterford defence is one of toughest break down


TIPPERARY sharpshooter John 'Bubbles' O'Dwyer says "you're not going to enjoy the whole game," when you play Waterford these days and taking the few opportunities that present themselves is paramount to overcoming their impressive rearguard action.

Dublin will play the Déise on Sunday week for a spot in the All-Ireland SHC semi-final and must decide whether to push up and go man-to-man or hold their defensive shape and sweep.

"They try and draw you and try to think different things to you," O'Dwyer explained.

"So all we worry about going into matches is ourselves we don't worry about anyone else.

"So if they want us to push up or drop back we don't worry about that.

"And when you have a full-back line of the three lads that Waterford have, three serious players and then you have an extra man in front of them as well. If you get a chance, and there are only one or two chances, then you want to be taking them because you are not going to get too many.


"Tipperary has been facing sweepers and defensive-minded teams for the last six or seven years," he added.

"We are well used to playing against teams with sweeper systems," O'Dwyer concluded.

"But I think Waterford are that bit more organised than maybe other teams at the moment."

Pictured is Tipperary's John O'Dwyer with his hurling GAA/GPA Opel Player of the Month award for June.