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Brigid's have the pedigree to stall Whitehall

ANOTHER championship night for Paddy Canning. How many the great man has seen.


(Tonight, Parnell Park, 6.45)

He has a worthy lieutenant in the cockpit, Anto Holly. Anto has given everything to the Whitehall Colcille's shirt.

Whitehall are in Division 3. Brigid's top Division 1. When it comes to picking the ultimate champions, they are always well in the frame. They lifted their second title in 2011, winning the biggest Navan Road derby of them all. They were a finger-nail away from the final again last time, eight points up at half-time in the semi-final against Crokes.

The form of Paddy Andrews in the Dublin blue has pleased all, but surprised nobody at Russell Park. Barry Cahill waved goodbye to the Hill, but he'll still be busy in the Blanchardstown boiler-house, alongside the Leitrim Lion, Emlyn Mulligan. Colmcille's have the gifted Cormac Costello, a footballer that would get on any team in the land - however he is unlikely to tog as he recovers from injury. Paddy Canning's team-talk will be all about delivering a performance. He'll get it - but Brigid's will prevail.

VERDICT: St Brigid's