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Brigid's built to withstand 'Mun machine



SOMETHING inside so strong ... that's the beat that the Saints have been marching to this season.

They are a team on a mission. County finalists last year and now two steps from Heaven.

Crokes beat them in the final. Overcoming the champions in round four this time was just the perfect tonic.

They were well in control against Boden in the quarter-final in O'Toole Park. Barry Cahill and John O'Loughlin flourished at midfield.

Across the city, Curraner's Colts got the better of Parnell's.

The Coolock club were reduced to 14 men, but Talts told it straight: "The better team won."

Now, the battle of the Bs could be a very interesting cocktail.

Ballymun know well the sour feeling of returning to the loser's dressing-room on a semi-final afternoon.

Ballymun play a crisp, direct style that's laced with a high tempo. They don't spare the petrol. They don't give the opposition a second to pick from the Cadbury's Selection Box, and that the approach that will be crucial against Brigid's.


Making the most of possession will be critical. Getting hold of the ball will not be easy. And finding a shirt has to be the priority of the day.

If either side can secure a bigger slice of the cake, then they are in business because both clubs have very competent tellers.

Elliott Reilly is having a smashing season for the Mun. Dean Rock can find the pockets, while Derek Byrne and Kevin Leahy are also fluent forwards.

Paddy Andrews is the Russell Park ace. Last season he contributed so much to the Brigid's campaign.

Get decent ball to Paddy and you are more than halfway to paradise.

Philly Ryan can also finish in credit, as could Gavin McIntyre.

Ken Kilmurray will bring wisdom in the kit bag.

Brigid's are excellent at soaking up the pressure and then moving swiftly for the front door. Mark Cahill will turn frees into points.

Sean Murray was top-of-the-class at full-back against Boden where half-back Alan Daly knocked over two super points.

Ken Darcy also carries the gold card and Shane Supple was born to be a goalkeeper.

Having a netminder of that stature gives a team so much confidence.

Ballymun's number one, Sean Currie, also pays his share of the rent. The club have a long tradition of Boys in Blue -- James McCarthy, Philly McMahon and Alan Hubbard are among the current contingent.

McCarthy is a diamond of a footballer. "If he's half as good as his aul fella, he'll do alright," quipped Jimmy Keaveney at the All-Stars.


Kickhams will need every man jack performing to their absolute best to stay in the kitchen with Mark Byrne's side.

Brigid's have a compact, cultured look about them. Ballymun will have to be bouncing from the off.

But they have the personnel that can hop, skip and jump for the hour. Energy won't be a problem.

Engineering openings could be. The Brigid's defence doesn't believe in renting out any car spaces.

It should be a tussle to savour.

An enchanting Donnycarney evening that is packed with intrigue.