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Brendan Maher: Doping not widespread in the game


Brendan Maher, Tipperary

Brendan Maher, Tipperary

Brendan Maher, Tipperary

TIPPERARY captain Brendan Maher insists that he has never suspected an opponent of taking performance enhancing substances and reckons the failure rate of tests is ample evidence that no such culture exists in gaelic games.

"You would never have talk like that or presumptions like that," he said at yesterday's launch of the Munster provincial Championships after the news of a failed test of a former Monaghan footballer last weekend.

"And the fact that we have had testing 14 years and this is the first positive test, excluding the one in 2008 (when Aidan O'Mahony failed a test due to his levels of Salbutamol, the medicine used in inhalers by asthma sufferers and was later cleared of any wrong doing) that is a sign of how honest players are.

"And long may it continue."

Maher revealed that he was tested just last week and admits to being generally cautious about accidentally ingesting a banned substance through over-the-counter medication.


"You have to be so aware of what you are taking in when you have a cold or anything, there are so many things that you can't take.

"You can be done if you take Nurofen plus or something.

"You don't want any cheating going on in the sport either, it is so extreme, you would nearly be conscious of taking a lemsip the way things have gone.

"We just have to be conscious of what we can take and can't take," concluded the Boris-Ileigh clubman.