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Bowled over Yank backs Donegal

"An American visitor rested upon the ledge of the jumbo-sized burger van that had just fed him his jumbo-sized chicken box.

"Golly, you Irish sure know how to throw a party," offers the jumbo-sized Yank named Steve.

Steve hails from Indiana and was one of 35,000 Americans who landed in Ireland for an American football game last weekend that was the first advance sell-out at the Aviva.

"I was in crazy county in the week," says he. "Like, Donegal -- it's so remote some way. Heck, it don't even have a motorway ... but gosh is that one hell of a festival going on."

"Donegal," says the Yank, chewing upon the greasy leg of chicken, "they're like, gonna win the Super Bowl."

-- First, Ulster. On Sunday, the All-Ireland and then, apparently, Donegal have cross-code dreams of global domination, as recounted in THE DONEGAL NEWS.

"AS the plane got tossed around in turbulence caused by a seasonal typhoon about an hour out from Seoul, the silent passenger to my left asked what team I supported.

"Sporting a vintage Mayo jersey (1991 I think), I threw out a few well-rehearsed lines about the glory of the amateur Gaelic game, the pride of the parish and the privilege of playing championship football in late September in front of 82,000.

"However, when told that I would embark on a multiple-flight return journey to make the game, his eyebrows shot up so fast they nearly covered his bald spot."

-- Mayo's Korean contingent are on their way home, according to THE MAYO NEWS.