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Boom time at Ballinteer St John's

BLOOMING Brilliant. Majestic Marlay Park in the sunshine. What a good place to be.

The ornate Ballinteer St John's clubhouse overlooking the lush turf and glancing up at the Dublin Mountains. Kieran Brennan putting on the kettle.

A Grand Slam hero in the building, Nora Stapleton. The artful Angie McNally. And the fabulous Fiona Hayes.

All the Ballinteer kids would love to follow Fiona onto the Dublin senior team. The are going the right way about it.

"Camogie is going very well. We have a lot of strong panels," reports Declan White.

"We have built up teams over the years. The players are beginning to come through. "There's good talent in the U13 and U12 ranks, and even younger than that.

"We have a couple of squads in each age group, so it's looking very promising."

The Dublin Féile Division 3 title is residing in Rathfarnham. Declan was joined on the management by Tom MacUileagóid, Frank McEnaney and Tina Andrews.

"It was a big boost to win Féile. That success will inspire the younger girls even more," says Declan.

"We have high expectation of that Féile group. They have a terrific attitude and, hopefully, they will stick at it in the years to come.

"We'd love to see them continue with the camogie for well into the future. To keep them playing is the trick. I think they can do well because they are a talented squad."

Nobody will want to be leaving the Marlay mansion.

"Yes, we are very fortunate. We have a lovely clubhouse, the pitches at Marlay and then the all-weather surface at the Ballinteer Community School.

"The all-weather is a big asset. It really helps us in the winter and indeed in the summer as well.

"You can't beat bringing home a trophy.

"It lifts everybody and that's why we were so pleased with the Féile victory."